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The Customized and All Inclusive Studio experience at Signature Beauty Gallery!


Let's face it, coming to the conclusion that you are willing to even consider doing your own Signature Beauty Gallery Glamour Boudoir session may have taken a lot of internal debate, at least for most that I speak to. For those of you who said, "F it" let's do it". I aspire to have your confidence. Truthfully, that is how it SHOULD be, for ALL Women!

It is hard enough building the confidence for some to reach out and make the inquiry. Cause lets face it, its too easy to find every reason NOT to do it. Sooo, with that said, I wanted to share some insight on a couple things!

1) WHY you shouldn't wait to celebrate you!

2) HOW Signature Beauty Gallery can customize craft a session experience unique to YOU!

3) WHAT to expect in your ALL Inclusive Orange County Studio experience!

1) WHY you shouldn't wait to celebrate you!

Well, first thing is first.... there is only 1 of you! Everyday is a blessing and a reason to celebrate. My second thought is, WHY NOT?! Who says you can't gift yourself?! And... Just because!

A Signature Beauty Gallery session will Empower you! Getting treated like a celebrity for a few hours is great therapy for anyone. Not to mention, wait until you see your photos for the first time. You will be blown away at the images that highlight how strong, confident and beautiful you truly are!

2) HOW Signature Beauty Gallery can customize craft a session experience unique to YOU!

These days there are many options for just about anything/service. So, what makes Signature Beauty Gallery so special?! We pride ourselves on customizing every session to each and individual client that we work with. Our sessions are crafted to match your style, comfort level and help bring your unique ideas to life. This is honestly one of our favorite parts!

Clients come to us for so many reasons! Celebrating milestones like a birthday, wedding, engagement! OR Looking for that well deserved pampering and "Just Because" type of session. Regardless of your reason, style or even comfort level. Our team is committed to making your experience with Signature Beauty Gallery, one that you will never forget!

Ok, ok, I know you are probably wondering... sure Bethany, you provide a unique experience.. but what exactly does that mean or how do you even accomplish that?! Great question.... Once you decide to book with our studio, I schedule a 1x1 Pre-Session consultation.. these days with Gas prices... don't worry, you don't have to come into the studio, we do these appointments via Skype! During that session we literally talk through EVERY single detail for your session. For example, Individual Style, Wardrobe, Comfort Level, Posing, Hair and Make Up, etc. The list goes on, but you get the drift... By the time we finish your pre-session consultation, Nothing will be left to question. You will know EXACTLY what to expect, how to prepare! All that is left is to knock out your shoot!

Keep in mind, though we provide a variety of images and examples of our work online, there is no expectation that a client shoot all styles. We specialize in providing a mixed session experience, so you don't have to choose just one :)

3) WHAT to expect in your ALL Inclusive Studio experiece!

The Moment you have all been waiting for!! LOL What is so unique about our studio?! Well, we have owned a total of 3 studios over the years. Though they were perfect at the time, they did provide some level of limitations on providing a variety style sessions. We had professional studio spaces: ie. Backdrops, Light Etc.

When we relocated the studio to Central Florida, Orlando area, we decided to try something a little different! Our studio is a Home based studio. Basically that means, that in addition to our onsite professional studio space, equipped with professional studio lighting and backdrops. We also have the ability to shoot around the home part of the studio. This allows all of our clients to capture a variety of images that provide a mix of studio and on location in a variety of different rooms! This has helped clients looking for a more on location feel not have to take on the additional cost of booking a hotel/airbnb. Now, we can provide an All Inclusive session experience all in 1 location, which is why you will see us suggest bringing at least 5 wardrobe options!! :)

So, while I know you have options... I know your experience with Signature Beauty Gallery Studio and Team, will not disappoint! Give us a call for a NO hassle / obligation to see if we are your perfect fit!

Whether you choose Signature Beauty Gallery Studio, or to go a different direction, I hope this Blog helped you in identifying what to look for in your perfect photographer/studio!

Lastly, if you are still on the fence and just need an ear to help you vet it all out... Feel free to give me a call at the studio! 407-777-2993... You can text me at that number too... ;)

Don't forget to Celebrate you... Because you are the only You, you've got!!


Bethany & Sam

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