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Sexy things you have in your closet right now for your boudoir session - Signature Beauty Gallery!

You have booked your session.... Now What?!

Don't stress.... Planning for a Boudoir Session can feel a little overwhelming, but it doesn't have to! First off.... It is so important to have a pre-session consult with your photographer/studio. You will feel a huge weight off of your shoulders when you finish that call.... that is of course if you chose the right photographer. ;)


So here goes.... These are just some items most of us have in our closets... for a detailed list check out our FAQ!

1) Four or more outfits. ( I recommend the MORE part.... I can help you narrow them down, but its better to have more options than not enough)

- Button up Shirt.... We can do a lot with a simple white button up shirt.

- Jeans or Pants.... If they are styled even better

- Jacket - Leather/Styled

- Bra & Panty Set or Same color.... Think your Sunday Best. Lol

- Dress... you know the one that makes your feel beautiful in your skin!

- Cardigan or Sweater - Something off the shoulder

- Body suits or Lingerie sets

- Heels / Cute Shoes

- Something of your Partners; Shirt and Tie, Jersey, Etc.

- Anything Lace, sheer, silky, etc

- Lastly... Wear whatever YOU feel sexy in!

Added Bonus!

Don’t forget about our Wardrobe Closet…… We’ve been building and adding to our wardrobe closet over the past year incorporating fun universal elements that can help enhance your existing wardrobe or provide alternative options, from corsets, garter belts, jewelry and prop elements such as masks, feathers and even a variety of fabrics! We are positive you’ll find something fun to use and incorporate to your session.

Of course you don't have to go out and spend a fortune on wardrobe, but the more time you spend on planning and preparing for your session will ensure the best results and bring your ideas and vision to life! We are here to help every step of the way.

Any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our studio! Enjoy a little sneak peek below from several different sessions that highlights some of those fun elements mentioned above. Session in our studio is East Orlando, Avalon Park. Orange County Glamour Boudoir Photographer.



Signature Beauty Gallery

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