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The Black Crow Acceptance Gallery Piece - Signature Beauty

The Black Crow Acceptance Gallery Piece

As an artist who has faced a lot of diversity and challenges starting from and early age, the ability to be creative through the art of photography has provided me with a creative outlet that allows me to tell my story in ways that can be relatable to others and interrupted in a multitude of ways.

Photography has allowed me to push the envelope when designing concepts and incorporate many elements to bring the image to life. Through and extensive process in designing the concept and working with other creative partners to make it all come together. Through a personal connection, we wanted to incorporate natural and outdoor elements that provided an abstract connection in to a fantasy world where the things you imagine are hopeful yet improbable.

As a companion piece in our Acceptance series, we demonstrate that other side of the spectrum where the reality of change accompanied with true social acceptance doesn’t exist. Through insurmountable fog and despair is where pain resides and the defeat in the inability to rewrite your own story. Where no external element can fill those voids. Left to your own devices on the path to discover the way out of hopelessness and despair. We utilized dark element to set the mood and create an environment of defeat. In the nest which was once a safe haven, has now been painted black and has become the cage in which you can not find release. The Fog elements have gotten worse proving a fantasy is only that, and impossible.

Images by Fine Art Photographer, Samuel Rivera

Enjoy - Now located in Orlando, Florida - Signature Beauty Gallery - Glamour, Boudoir, fine Art and conceptual art photographer.


Bethany & Sam

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