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Signature Beauty Glamour Boudoir Maternity Session | Orange County Photographer!

Check out our Latest Signature Beauty Maternity Session | Orange County Photographer!

We always jump at an opportunity to create art. Especially when we can make ever lasting memories for our clients! Amy, who is actually a really good friend of ours contacted us a few months back. She let us know she was expecting and would be flying back to California and would love to do a maternity session!

Before you know it, she was here and session planning was being worked out.... So this is the tough part. All of those super cute flowy dresses, that are perfect for maternity sessions are super expensive and come from different countries all around the world. So, after careful searching, I settled on an awesome vendor on Etsy. Believe it or not. Their maternity dresses were perfect for what we were looking for. The only problem was we needed it to arrive within 2 weeks and it was coming all the way from South Africa! I placed my order, said a couple prayers (and emailed the seller :) asking if there was anyway she could have them arrive in time, and...... BAM she was incredible and not only did they arrive on time, but a week early...

So I want to give a little shout out to: ZazzyLane |Maternity Gowns- Photography Props - . If you are looking for great quality gowns at a reasonable price and great customer service, Please check out ZazzyLane.

Here goes nothing!

So, wardrobe is all worked out and we decided to break the session up into 2 parts. Half the session we would do in the studio to pull off our fine art look and then we would head to Little Corona Del Mar Beach to capture the beautiful California sunset.

Since Amy's is only here a short time, we usually have our clients come in within two weeks for the unveiling appointment. Lucky for Amy, we had her come in a few days later and get to do an initial view and selection of her images. Since we knew she was having to leave so soon, Sam was absolutely incredible and was able to edit day and night to get it done right in the knick of time. Which worked out perfect, since now, I will be able to deliver her beautiful custom folio box at the baby shower this weekend. So excited for her to see the final product. We absolutely LOVE this part!!

So without further ado.... please enjoy a sneak peek from her session below. If you or anyone you know if expecting, we are an Orange County Photographer. We specializes in Maternity, Fine Art and Glamour Sessions. Signature Beauty Gallery - Orlando, FL.

She was so excited to see her images and we had so much fun shooting and creating beautiful memories for her. Moments like this are meant to be cherished and what better way then with our studio!

Congratulations Amy and her little peanut!


Bethany & Samuel

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