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Signature Beauty Gallery - On Location Group Fine Art Session

Signature Beauty Gallery - On Location Group Fine Art Session

Welcome to our last blog of 2016……Boy will this be our most memorable one yet. I think it’s safe to say, we all find inspiration in many ways. Not to mention, those who already know us, have watched as we pushed the limit on our path to artistic expression and creating beautiful work. Signature Beauty Gallery - On Location Group Fine Art Session was an exciting experience.

This year we finally introduced our latest work highlighting fine art portraits. This opened up the ability to highlight the beauty and shape of the human form while incorporating edgy and dramatic lighting truly making artistic images. Of course going into it, we were apprehensive…. how will the images be interrupted, what kind of impact will this have for our studio, and where will this lead?!  Soooo…. We basically made the conscience decision to not worry about what anyone else was going to think or say and create the kind of work that allows our studio to exhibit our creative flexibility. Out latest shoot was a true testament to this!

We had been talking for a while and flirted with the idea of expanding our fine art portrait portfolio to include outdoor setting and groups of people. We weren’t quite sure what to expect, but decided that while we were traveling for the holidays we would put our feelers out there and see what kind of response we got…. Literally the same day we posted we had an old friend and dancer in Florida reach out expressing interest. Next thing we knew, we partnered together and outlined all the details of the shoot and quickly started recruiting additional dancers to be a part of this project and created a private event and all the pieces started to fall into place! Before you know it, were on a plane flying to Orlando and the shoot day was drawing near.

So here we are, coordinating and finalizing details for a nude group shoot in the middle of downtown Orlando during the day….. Hmmmm I know what you must be thinking at this point… WTH?!  Trust me, you aren’t the only one… we literally had the worst anxiety… how are we going to pull this off all while not potentially getting arrested?! On the plus side we had some pretty amazing and supportive family who was willing to do the good ole bail out if necessary.

So, shoot day is finally here and without going into much detail our digestive system was shot. Ha-ha we arrive at our meeting spot in Lake Eola to meet our awesome and brave participants. Tate is a Latin Dancer who has a deep appreciating for the art of the human body and movement. She has a true passion for art and was a huge part of making this shoot happen and forever grateful for her trust in us and the shared vision. Then we have an awesome and talented couple Ryan and Rachel who are Acro Yoga Specialist. This was an essential benefit to the success of our shoot as it became the key to helping to execute the different poses. Truly demonstrating the power and beauty of movement. Not to mention a little shout out to Rachel’s Friend Caitlyn who was there providing unconditional support and utilizing her awesome look out skills.

So for those dying to know how we pulled this off, all I can say is very carefully…. We all met all in Lake Eola Amphitheater and shared our mutual feelings of anxiety as none of us had done anything like this before. Had a few uncomfortable laughs and then got down to business. We practiced our pre-planned poses, fully clothed of course. Recapped our pre-scouted shooting locations and our execution strategy.

So, with Caitlyn on look out and poses ready, our dancers stripped in record time, posed it out and a few snaps of the camera later, we were grabbing gear, throwing clothes back on and headed to the next spot, like nothing ever happened…. That was all it took to get the adrenaline rushing and everyone was exhilarated! Anxiety transformed into excitement and we were unstoppable!  It was such an awesome experience to be a part of this project and having the opportunity to work others who share the same passion and willing to step outside of the box!

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