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Signature Beauty 16th Century Bridal

Signature Beauty 16th Century Bridal Inspired | Bridal Boudoir | Orange County Signature Beauty Gallery

After spending another beautiful day in Laguna Beach going in and out of various art galleries we stumbled upon yet another captivating piece of art by Daniel Merriam. He captured so many details and brought his paintings to life. I immediately was inspired to create a similar vision with my Signature beauty session, and so our 16th Century inspired shoot was born.

 So, you may be wondering, where does one buy 16th century inspired items?! Well, that would be the million dollar questions and the answer….. Unless you have money to blow on actual replicas, which hardly exist, you have to dig deep in that creative mind of yours and think outside the box to make the modern day options work, which is what we did. With a little creativity, a great team and some ingenuity our shoot came together better than we could have imagined.

Our first look was to incorporate the white bridal look. Our incredibly talented makeup and hairstylist, Styles by Briana tackled our shoot head on. Not only did she knock the look out of the park, but she also helped to make some of the wardrobe pieces that really brought the era to life. Crazy what mixed match wardrobe pieces, a few accessories and killer hair and makeup can do! Though it proved to be challenging it was so rewarding to see the final product.

Our second look, took on a more edgy, dark and sexy vibe yet not too much. Again the wardrobe was interesting to put together but with the help of amazon and countless hours battling over the choices we finally agreed on how to bring it all together. Again, with killer make up and hair and the subtle details and accessories really came to life.

Enjoy - Now located in Orlando, Florida - Signature Beauty Gallery - Glamour, Boudoir, fine Art and conceptual art photographer.


Bethany & Sam

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