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Sexy, Sultry and Playful - Signature Beauty Gallery - Glamour Boudoir Session!

Choices, Choices, Choices! You've made up your mind and finally decided you are ready and going to do it! A Glamour and Boudoir Session..... OMG! NOW WHAT?!

We realize the decision to do a session like this is driven by a variety of reasons.... a way to celebrate, to help boost confidence or maybe just a kick ass gift idea for someone special?!

No matter your reason, we love helping you customize a session that is so uniquely you! Sexy, Sultry and Playful - Signature Beauty Gallery - Glamour Boudoir Session!

Sooooo, I wanted to share a couple things to help you when deciding your individual style... Should I go for a more sexy, sultry or playful look?! I say WHY Choose? Mix it up. For anyone who has worked with us, knows, variety is the spice of life, not only do we customize your session specifically for you, but we like to incorporate anywhere from 4-5 different outfit choices. (YES, you read that right... we do about 5 looks on average!)

Just to prove it to you, we've shared some images from a recent session (always with the clients permission ;) just show casing a mix of looks, styles, poses and wardrobe ideas.

So when you are planning your session, Consider these wardrobe ideas:

1) Casual:

- We always like to start off with a casual look for 2 reasons.... 1 it is a nice ice breaker to get comfortable in front of the camera and two it offers a nice casual look that you usually can even share with MOM. Lol

Ideas consist of: Jeans with cute blouse (solid colors work best vs patterns), Shirt or sweaters off the shoulder, etc.

2) Glamour:

- We always like to get at least one glamour style look, whether that is in your favorite sexy black dress.... we usually always have one of those in the closet. Or a beautiful and elegant dress that just makes your feel like a million bucks and nice to put on once in a while.

Ideas consist of: Glamour style dress can be flowly, tight, can be a stylish jumper, Skirt and Blouse, etc

3) Boudoir:

- This is where we like to capture at least 3 different wardrobe items... In the example below.... We did a bathing suit look, lingerie set and even a cute satin shorts and top set. How revealing or conservative the attire, it really up to you. We help coach you through all the posing and committed to giving you the most incredible and fun experience.

Ideas consist of: Baby Dolls, Bra and Panty set, Accent Robes, Thigh highs, heels, 1 Piece Body suits, satin pj sets, garter belts, corsets, Significant others piece of clothing (shirt, jacket, hat, etc)

No matter what you choose I will help you with planning every step of the way, especially during your pre-session consultation prior to your shoot!

If you have any questions or interested in booking a session, give me a call!!

407-777-2993/ ... Ask for Bethany

Have a fantastic week!



Signature Beauty Gallery

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