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No Better Gift for yourself - Signature Beauty Gallery

Guess what?! - There is No Better Gift for yourself - Signature Beauty Gallery!

Just like everyone else we have long work days and find ourselves working 60+ hours a week. Sometimes wondering why... Then there are other days where you get the opportunity to meet and work with incredible people that validate everything you do. Veronica is one of those beautiful souls. She came to us looking to do a beautiful sexy shoot for her hubby. She had been wanting to do it before their wedding but wasn't able to make it happen until now, it just so happens he is being sent across the country for work for several months. Which made executing her session and getting back her prints in time for the holiday so much more important.

We had an incredible time working with Veronica, she is such a kindred spirit and truly beautiful inside and out. This is the moment when we clients truly become part of the Signature Beauty Gallery Family and a cherished friend!

I don't usually attach client reviews in the blog, but I was so profoundly touched by Veronica's I am sharing it here:

"An empowering experience!"

On Tuesday, November 29th I sat for a Boudoir Shoot with Signature Beauty Gallery. Bethany, Sam and Briana provided such an excellent experience that by the time it was over, I felt like I could take on the world. I would highly recommend using this studio if you are looking for a professional team who is passionate, encouraging, flexible and fun!

I had been racking my brain on what to get my husband for Christmas and kept toying with the idea of a Boudoir Shoot. I used Thumbtack to find some vendors for our wedding so figured that would be a good place to start. Within an hour I heard back from Bethany introducing herself and her husband, Sam; both are photographers. As Boudoir Photography is a truly intimate experience, I wanted to find a studio I could trust and feel safe. Bethany and I immediately scheduled a call for that same week to discuss my expectations. During that call, I felt confident and booked with them.

If you book with Signature Beauty Gallery, Bethany provides an hour long face time consultation before your shoot. This was awesome as she answered all my questions, allayed concerns about my ‘’problem areas’ and clarified what I was looking for.

When I arrived on Tuesday, full of butterflies, I immediately felt at ease. Their studio is clean, spacious, and they had my favorite cookies ready for me! I then met Briana, one of their MUAs, and was transformed into a veritable goddess. The entire time, the four of us fell into easy conversation and laughter. I felt welcomed and cared for.

The shoot itself was where the real fun began. With Bethany as my pose coach, Sam behind the camera, Briana catching any stray hairs, and Beyoncé blaring, I was unstoppable. All three made me feel beautiful as we tried multiple outfits, poses and props. They really pushed me to stretch my comfort level and I am so glad I did. Bethany had preselected poses based on my own research but they also let me have fun and free style now and then.

Ladies, I would recommend at least once in your life, experiencing a truly professional Boudoir Shoot. It was one of the most fun things I have ever done just for myself. While I went into this looking for a gift for my husband, I was the real recipient. I felt strong, sexy and self-confident (even with my ‘flaws’). Like most photography, it is a true investment and one worth investing with Signature Beauty. I highly recommend them and am eager to see my prints today! Keep your fingers crossed.

Thank you so much Veronica for being so wonderful and your kind words! I hope you enjoy her amazing images below and are just as inspired by her as we are.


Bethany & Sam

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