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Native American Signature Beauty

Native American Signature Beauty

We are excited to share our latest signature beauty session with our beautiful bride Joanna. As we quickly approach the Holiday season we found it was nearly impossible to find time for a creative session amongst shooting weddings and engagements, but of course with Samuel's strong drive to do the impossible he schedule an amazing shoot with a Native American inspired theme. Everyone was quickly onboard as usual.

While on the hunt for wardrobe we fell in love with the Indian Headdress, the theme changed a couple of times but at last came together with the help of our in house hair and makeup artist, Styles by Briana, who was exceptional at bringing the look to life. Joanna was so excited and was such a trooper; considering the wardrobe was a bit on the small side (Thanks to Sam), nothing a little double-sided tape couldn’t help with!

Briana and I were put to work behind the scenes yet again…. You are probably wondering how did all of those sticks stay up so nicely?! Well, I will tell you…. very, very carefully! Lol Oh and it's surprising how hard it is to hold a pile of sticks in a fanned out manner. We only dropped a couple and got stabbed a few times, but all in all we pulled it off. I also have to give Joanna a lot of credit; we really wanted to tie in the theme with some accent pieces and with the help of Michaels Craft store and their infinite supplies of things you can buy and use in the most untraditional ways, which ended up being our fashion accessory, the twig like choker. She did an amazing job channeling her inner Native American. After 4 or 5 bottles of wine and a ton of laughs we wanted to share the end product.

We hope you enjoy and have a very Happy Thanksgiving Holiday with all of your loved ones.

Enjoy - Now located in Orlando, Florida - Signature Beauty Gallery - Glamour, Boudoir, fine Art and conceptual art photographer.

Thank you all,


Samuel & Bethany

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