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Heart of the Geisha Asian Bridal Session - Signature Beauty

Check out our latest series, Heart of the Geisha Asian Bridal Session!

It was a pleasure working with Jana on out latest signature beauty collection addition. We have had many people ask us, how do you bring this to life?! Well, I’d love to share a deeper look of what the process is to pull off one of our sessions in our Orange County, Brea studio.

The most important part of our planning process is coming up with our concept/theme. We sit down with our clients and work together to come up with something that would help showcase their background, personality, and compliment them overall. We then like to come up with 3 looks so that we can provide a variety of images all while creating unique pieces of art. For this particular theme below, we wanted to take advantage of an Asian inspired theme element to really compliment and showcase Jana’s heritage. We then wanted to capture a sexy bridal element that allowed us to see the bright elegant and dark edgy side of her personality. While we were at it, we wanted to also come up with an elegant look which we incorporated fabrics and floral elements. Once we decided on the looks we were going after we then went to the drawing board to piece together wardrobe.

Naturally speaking, we have the theme and concept laid out; you would think wardrobe would be a breeze….. I wish! This tends to be the most challenging part at times, since we’ve literally custom the wardrobe combinations so that every detail is perfectly matched. Fingers crossed that our hours of searching and ordering will have our items in stock and arrive on time for our shoot! This can be challenging yet, when you plan your shoot with plenty of time in between it can be a huge stress reliever. So words to the wise… do that. Overall we searched out all of the wardrobe elements we had in mind and started to put together our looks. Of course with the help of our handy dandy cork board it makes the visual a little easier to see. Then we purchase/order our items and patiently wait until it arrives to finally get it laid out.

In the mean time we meet with our hair and makeup artist and start designing the hair and makeup colors and style so we can match up each look with the different wardrobe styles and moods we are looking to achieve, this helps incorporate an Avante Guard, Glamour portrait look perfectly. Thank goodness for our amazing MUA, Styles by Briana who shares our vision and passion for our work and effortlessly comes up with and pulls off the most amazing looks that really bring our pieces to life.

So, here we are, concept chosen, Check! Wardrobe styled and purchased, check! Hair and Makeup check! We are ready to shoot on the big day. So your probably wondering what the day looks like…. Well, in our Brea studio we want to make it fun and effortless. We have a makeup and hair station, where the transformation happens, as well as our wardrobe rack and station where we have everything laid out and ready to go, and of course last but not least, we have snacks, wine and great music to help kick off our day. We strive to make your Fashion Bridal session a great experience and one that you will never forget!

Once the hair and makeup and wardrobe transformation is complete we are ready to shoot. If the theme requires background elements we have that set up in advance and then the magic happens. With Camera in hand Sam helps make you instantly feel comfortable in front of the camera, we stream our images to a laptop live throughout the session so you can see how the images are coming out. We help with coaching and posing and wardrobe adjustments to ensure every detail is perfect. By the end of your session, Sam has captured amazing images and all the while our clients have tapped into their inner model and have had the full experience!

Once the shoot is over, and we get our Brea studio cleaned up we then get to do the hardest part ever! Choose the best images to get our Signature Beauty edits too….. Naturally there are just too many amazing shots to choose from. Once we have narrowed down our selections and hours of Sam’s master photo design and editing a masterpiece is born!

Nothing is more rewarding then having our clients come in to see their custom art pieces and falling just as in love with them as we have. We are so happy to have introduced our new Signature beauty product line and help our clients chose their images for their product orders which consists of, Album, Beauty Box, or our stunning framed canvas or acrylic options.

All in all, I am sure you can see we are 100% dedicated to the planning, execution and success of your session. Having the opportunity to incorporate Art, fashion and photography has been a dream come true for our Orange County Bridal Glamour Boudoir studio, all while providing images that our clients can be proud of till the end of time!

Our Southern California studio specializes in Bridal Boudoir, Fashion and Glamour portraits. Have a theme or concept in mind?! Contact us to help plan your session in our Brea Portrait Studio and bring your vision to life!

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Enjoy - Now located in Orlando, Florida - Signature Beauty Gallery - Glamour, Boudoir, fine Art and conceptual art photographer.


Bethany & Sam

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