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Destination Session - Laguna Beach - Signature Beauty

It was so wonderful working with Lara! She new exactly what she wanted for her session and between our shared vision and finalizing all of the fine details it all came together.

She booked an incredible bed and breakfast in Laguna Beach California. It screamed Art Deco and made for th best backgrounds! We had colorful and textured walls, backboards, furniture and lighting. It was an incredible day of shooting and the best part was we were right across the street from the beach and were able to capture the most stunning sunset editorial style images.

Last but not least we had to take advantage of the huge bath tub which made for the perfect floral bath. All in all, it was so much fun shooting on location and Lara did a remarkable job!

Special shout out to our amazing hair and make up artist in Southern California, Styles by Briana! Her time, dedication and commitment to her work really shows.

Hope you enjoy a sneak peek from Lara session!

Looking to book your on location session, contact the studio at 407-777-2993 for details. Studio located in Central Florida.


Bethany & Sam

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