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Desert Princess Signature Beauty sessions

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

We are so excited to share yet another one of our custom, Desert Princess Signature Beauty sessions by Samuel Rivera Photography. We are always trying to think outside the box and challenge ourselves with new ideas and with the upcoming release of Mad Max we thought what better opportunity would we have to do a fun desert theme shoot than now.

This shoot definitely did just that. Initially inspired by the beautiful California Sand Dunes we wanted to incorporate that desert element. Once again we started out with creating our custom concept idea and then went to work finding and putting together our wardrobe selections. Creating and piecing together the look was a lot of fun. We wanted to show a beautiful elegant soft side to our desert princess, but also incorporate a rough and tough desert warrior at the same time. To do that we utilized white and flowy fabric elements as well as our dark and edgy leather pieces and of course you can’t forget the accessories that really bring it all to life!

As always, with the work of our talented and amazing team, Styles by Briana really brought each look to life! As always I get to have fun behind the scenes assisting with stylizing, coaching and assisting our amazing artist, the one and only Samuel Rivera. His vision and style of shooting tied in with his truly amazing artistic and technical expertise is what makes the final product what it is!

Of course, Paris did a phenomenal job. Even though we weren’t able to go on location for this shoot we captured some amazing shots in studio and were able to create some awesome and creative desert composition shots. This shoot was especially great because Paris is a Fan of Cosplay and had no problem tapping into her inner princess and Mad Max inspired looks.

In addition to our little warrior princess we also wanted to have a little more fun and help bring out more of Paris’s true personality. She is our modern day Hippie! We couldn’t resist kicking it up a notch and bring out that other side of her.

All in all we had a great session and had a blast working with Paris in our Orange County Studio located in Brea, CA. If you are interested in creating your own custom, Glamour, Boudoir, or Bridal Signature Beauty session we are always open to trying new ideas. So what do you think should be our next session theme? Let us know on our new Signature Beauty Facebook page.

Now located in Orlando, Florida - Signature Beauty Gallery - Glamour, Boudoir, fine Art and conceptual art photographer.


Bethany & Sam

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