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Bridal Glamour Boudoir - Grooms Gift - Signature Beauty Gallery

Congratulations to the beautiful Erin! We had so much fun working together, Other than being incredibly beautiful, she absolutely killed her Bridal Glamour Session! I know her Fiancé will be so excited to receive such a personalized and unique gift!

Erin had been going back and forth on whether or not she wanted to go through with shooting her own session, when she finally caved and made the call, well now in days and email inquiry. Lol  Before you know it we had talked about her ideas and what to expect and locked down a date for her session.

We had a little bit of a time crunch with the wedding only a short 4 weeks away, but we were determined to make it happen! Before you know it, the session day was here and our amazing hair and make up artist were ready to go. Though Erin may have been nervous she had a great attitude and was genuinely excited for her session. We quickly got to work and she did absolutely amazing. I swear she had to have modeled in her past, because she made my job of posing and coaching too easy!

After her session we scheduled her to come in for her viewing appointment and were so excited to show her the final images. She was sincerely blown away! We couldn't be more happy with the results and so grateful for the opportunity to bring her vision to life. She left with an amazing unique gift for not only her fiancé, but also for herself. I hope you enjoy a little sneak peek and will join me in sending a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Erin on her Wedding day!

We are so grateful for the opportunity to work together and wishing you lots of love, laughter (which we were never in short of), and Happiness!

Sending Lots of Love from our Signature Beauty Gallery Family to yours!!

Now located in Orlando, Florida. Central Florida's Glamour Boudoir Photographers!


Bethany & Samuel

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