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Are you looking for the BEST Groom's Gift Ever - Signature Beauty Gallery has just the thing!

Are you looking for the BEST Groom's Gift Ever - Signature Beauty Gallery has just the thing!

Months of planning your big day and you have everything checked off your list and there is that one last thing you keep racking your brain about... what to get my soon to be hubby for our wedding night?! Well, look no further! If you want a real gift that will last forever and not just be for him but even more for you... Schedule your very own Signature Beauty Gallery Glamour/Boudoir session.

Karina did just that! She had been searching for the best groom gift idea and after much deliberation decided to take the leap and do it! So, in true Signature Beauty Gallery fashion, we confirmed the shoot date, schedule our face time pre-session consultation to plan all of the day's details. Booked hair and make - up and bam we were full steam ahead!

For those of you, who have worked with us, know the method to our madness, we always start with a sexy casual outfit to shake the camera shy nerves and then segway into the fun wardrobe! Honestly, we find this process is essential to having a fun, and confident shoot. The part where this nerve wrecking ideas, turns into the most empowering, sensual and confident experience you have ever had. (at least up to this point) Lol

Congratulations Karina and her new hubby! I know this must've been the hardest surprise to keep from him, but know you both will treasure them for a lifetime!

Looking for Bridal Boudoir or Glamour Boudoir, Contact us to learn about our current promotions and specials! Orlando's best Glamour Boudoir Photographer! Studio located in Central Florida.


Bethany & Samuel

Signature Beauty Gallery

**Images shared with express written permission**

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